Home cooked dinner with YenLeng

Today YenLeng and I ate at home. 

She made the ABC soup while I made the noodle. 

It's definitely a learning curve for the both of us but it's not as difficult as thought.

One of the few benefits of cooking on your own is the ability to choose how much salt or pepper one wanted. We were quite moderate in our usage as I wanted to work on a better diet. 

Although we will probably change the type of noodle that we are eating as I understand that the type that we are using ain't that good for health but for now, that will do.

The soup tasted great and I think it was a great effort and outcome as well. Love it since I always love to have soup as part of my meal. 

I made the apple juice as well after our meal, which I think is good. 

Feels great after a fulfilling night. Time to do some productive work like blogging or studying....Gonna rest early as well before Monday kickstart another week of working....


  1. Hello Billy, good morning, just dropping by and I like your blog already.. Coz the first post I see, is homecooked food and ABC soup! Haha.. I boil ABC soup like most of the time, and never get bored of it, teehee..

  2. Great job, Billy! Well, I'm impressed! I've just posted my cooking too; hope it's enough to tempt you too. Hahaha!


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