New Year Resolution 1: Workout

It's definitely easier said than done. Exercise has always been something that I love since childhood but like all young men, I'm often distracted....I would go for it for a week, stop for a few weeks, kick start again for another week or so, and the routine goes on. In a way, I'm still fit but building body was impossible without discipline, especially when the people around you don't encourage you to do so. None of my family members go to girlfriend prefer to lay on the couch or the bed. But I was determined towards the end of last year and decided to push myself for it even though it was drawing closer to Christmas day.

December 22nd, 2014:

I went for running, decided to make it 10 minutes of running in my workout.

1.79km in 10 minutes. 

Tired legs

My gym equipment was quite limited but with the dumbbells, I think it's sufficient.

I started with a lighter workout:

15kg dumbbell and I did the seated concentration curl to train my biceps. I did 10 reps on both my right and left hand.

I used the same two 15kg dumbbell to train my shoulder. The palms-in shoulder press for 10 reps. I also did the shoulder press for 10 reps with the same weight.

Next was my chest: I used the two 15kg dumbbell to do bench press for 10 reps. I also did a dumbbell flyes for 10 reps. 

I did a bench dips to train my triceps as well. Do it for 15 reps.

Then, I go for sit ups: 20 reps. And I repeat each of this workout one more time except for the running.

December 23rd, 2014: 

Running: 1.87km in 10 minutes

1.87km in 10 minutes

For biceps, I did the seated concentration curl - 15kg, 10 reps on both my right and left hand.

For triceps, I did a bench dips - 15 reps

For shoulder: - palms in shoulder press, 10 reps (15kg, 2 dumbbells) and shoulder press, 10 reps (15kg, 2 dumbbells)

For chest: - bench press, 10 reps (15kg, 2 dumbbells) and dumbbell flyes for 10 reps (15kg, 2 dumbbells)

My main workout tool: dumbbell

For abs, I did sits up: 25 reps

In between this workout, I put in some stretching activity into it while I chill for 1 to 2 minutes. I did it 3 times for all the workout, increasing the repetition to 12 times for my last time. As for abs, I did 4 times, to make it a total of 100 repetition.

After that, it was a holiday break for me as Christmas and New Year approached.

Yesterday, I've done the same workout routine, but improved my running timing slightly better.

2nd January 2015:

Running: 1.96km in 10 minutes.

Improve timing to 1.96km in 10 mins

Done the same workout as 23rd December except that I introduced star jump into the workout as well, to train on my leg a bit at the same time.

Looking to improve my body shape

So, this will be my first New Year resolution, to maintain a consistent workout routine for fitness, bodybuilding and health purpose. 

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