Going for Healthier Lifestyle

It is definitely not easy to change a habit. It took a while for one to opt for a healthier lifestyle and change the old ways.


I think it took a lot for one to be able to say No for the fast food like McD, KFC, or the Malaysian mamak, and cook at home. 

Cooking at home is really just part of it. Choosing what to eat is as important. 

YenLeng learned and taught me how to make the Chicken Caesar Salad. 

Preparing the salad

My very own chicken salad

Of course, one thing I learned about changing habits is that it has to be progressive and I'm keeping up the good taste of the salad with the thousand island sauce. 


I also add fruits after my dinner meal most of the time.


There's orange, apple and tomato in here


Getting the right diet is a great start....I have also been working out and hitting the gym quite often. I think it's good to get the stamina back, do the stretching, get the dumbbells....it's all just coming back. Been doing it for a while now. 


I think this is going to be the most difficult of them all but I think it's important. Having quality sleep is important to build muscles and energy for the day. It's something that I'm still trying to get more....anyway so far the year has been pretty good. I'm going for a healthier lifestyle....slowly but surely....

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  1. It is definitely not easy for me to change habit, especially eating habits. Now I am going for moderation..lol.


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