Plank Exercise Challenge [Day 21]

Plank exercise looks easy but after doing it for 21 days, I realize how effective it is and how difficult it can be as well.

On Day 21, I have only managed to make it to 150 seconds. 

Here is how my progress is after my Day 15 post.

Day 16 - 120 seconds

Day 17 - 120 seconds

Day 18 - 130 seconds and 150 seconds

Day 19 - 120 seconds and 150 seconds

Day 20 - 70 seconds and 45 seconds

Day 21 - 61 seconds and 150 seconds

Anyway, the more I do plank, the more I realize that there are times where we actually took the short cut to make it easier for us.

Here are 5 of the things that I've learned in my 21 days on plank.

1) Avoid your hips drop

There is a tendency to lower the hips especially when one is tired. But in order to gain the most from plank, I have to make sure the hips in line with my head and heels to maximize this move's benefits.

2) Avoid the tendency to pike your hips

Just as it is important not to lower one's hip, one should avoid sticking the butt up in the air. It is of course easier but like earlier, drop your hips and engage your core, then reap the benefits.

3) Remember to involve your abs

One of the greatest reward from plank exercise is the core muscles, pretty much like what crunches do and it could even be more rewarding. But only if you remember to involve your abs in the exercise. Remember to tighten your stomach muscles to support your spine.

4) Avoid dropping your head and neck

There is a tendency to drop your head and neck especially when one is feeling extremely tired, but avoid doing so and keep your gaze forward and neck relaxed to alleviate tension in your upper back and shoulders, and make it easier to engage your core. 

5) Avoid bending your knees

I remember the first time I do a 150 seconds....when it was about 140 seconds, I had the tendency to try to bend my knees, to rest, to cheat...but avoid doing so. This common mistake avoids the effectiveness of the plank position. 


  1. Hey Shirley, plank is one of the most effective exercise for the core muscles but the most overlooked. Try it out!


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