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This weekend had been more of going out to try new food. I'm not really a food person but thought of doing more of it with Yen Leng so that I could bring my family to try different food in Kuala Lumpur since I think it's great to try new things in life.

Anyway, I thought of something more ordinary on Saturday night but to try some yum cha place and meet up with both my UM kakis, Aaron and Tom. 

We went to Namoo on the Park in Solaris Dutamas. Actually I suggested this place because of the park where I thought Aaron's baby, Roy could hang around but since Bee Geik also had her own nightout, Roy did not join us. 

Anyway, the place's environment is great with a park out there but we were kinda out of luck since all the popular desert has been sold out. There is nothing to shout about on the food since the popular ones are already sold out but we managed to try their Korean classic coffee. The coffee is quite nice although I have tasted better ones. 

Namoo, Korean Dessert

The Menu

Korean classic

It was definitely a great time to meet up with friends on a Saturday night and see that they are doing good as well. Of course, as Malaysians, we managed to catch up on some of our politic gossips as well and how our economy might turn for worse.
Anyway, chit chatting bout random things like this over a cup of coffee and some desserts are pretty fun and relaxing, definitely a good way to settle back over the weekend.

Not sure what Aaron and Tom ordered but I love the peanut. The other ones tasted a bit weird.

After that, we managed to grab 4 midnight movie tickets for Terminator Genisys as well.

Our online booking

The movie was okay but probably not going to meet the expectations of fans. I said, go in with a relaxed mindset for a movie with some very good fighting scenes and a bit of love story. 

Anyway, it's just great to meet up for casual chat, drinks and movies. Should do this more often with more friends.

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  1. looks like you had a good time with your friends :)


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