Malaysia politics are embarrassing

Malaysia politics are embarrassing. 

While I agreed with a lot of Malaysians out there that said our country's political scene is even more interesting than House of Cards, it's embarrassing to read all these news, comments and actions taken by these so called "leaders".

I am not totally shocked to find that Muhyiddin was sacked after his comments on 1MDB. It was part of the survival kit that Najib may have learned from Tun Mahathir when he sacked Anwar Ibrahim. I'm only shocked with the manner that Muhyiddin has been sacked. Najib did not even try to cover up the reasons of the sacking. The man has grow in the belief that UMNO will not go against his actions and there is no one better to challenge him (and the sad truth is he might be right for now). Not long after that, we have video leakage that shows Muhyiddin and other political leaders talked about Najib admitting the US$700 million being deposited into his account. And then we have several leaders making stupid comments. 

Here are some of it:

Newly-minted Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has described his predecessor Muhyiddin Yassin as an "angry and upset" man in explaining Muhyiddin's claim of knowledge that RM2.6 billion had been deposited into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal bank accounts.

Newly-minted Deputy Prime Minister and his stupid remarks

“This is an angry and upset man talking. When one is upset, one will say things.

“I know how it feels because I have gone through that too, when I was forced to resign (as Umno Youth chief) and was later held under the Internal Security Act,”
Zahid is quoted as saying in an interview with The Star published today.  

When asked further if there was any truth to Muhyiddin's claim, and merely repeated his explanation.

“An angry man says a lot of things. Whatever it is, we must be respectful towards him," he is quoted saying.

Yes, this is coming from someone who asked those who dislike the government to leave the country. So, it's not a surprise that he made such stupid remark at such a critical time. To talk about Muhyiddin as an angry man and not being able to answer if there was any truth to Muhyiddin's claims, it was the same as admitting that it was the truth. He would have done Najib a favour by keeping his mouth shut. 

Recently, I have also read another article in malaysianinsider website. It was an article of an interview with Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said. Apparently, according to her, whether the RM2.6 billion was deposited into the Prime Minister's account or not, it's not important. 

RM2.6 bilion masuk akaun Najib bukan isu besar, kata menteri.
That was the headline for the article. 

“Bagi saya kalau orang derma duit kat saya suruh jaga anda semua dan simpan atas nama saya, itu hubungan saya dengan penderma… apa salahnya." 

Unfortunately, this minister forgot that as a government leader, any suspicious transaction such as this will trigger and should trigger the alert of the enforcers to check on any possible act of corruption. No one is saying Najib cannot have the RM2.6 billion being transferred into his account but there must be a justification to it. If the RM2.6 billion involves the Rakyat money, then everyone has the right to know. If the RM2.6 billion were a transaction related to any corruption, then Najib must be responsible.

There are just many other things that we read about our politicians that made Malaysians look stupid. How could we, vote such idiots as leaders? 
I am not supporting Muhyiddin neither since he has not done anything to improve our education system during his time. While his action to stand against 1MDB and to ask for justification on the RM2.6 billion was lauded, I think he's far from being a leader with great vision for the country. (Our education system has continued to be a messed up situation under his leadership. That speaks of his credibility.)

Perhaps, the problem in Malaysia is the lack of leadership. Yes, I am embarrass of our country's political scene. I'm a patriot and I love my country, my fellow countrymen but I'm embarrassed because not only are we seeing a bunch of power greed politicians, we are also seeing a bunch of stupid ones. We need a change, but what sort of change? A change within UMNO? A change of government? 

Malaysia definitely has a bigger issue than just these types of morons. We are of different race and there are so many sensitive issues that can trigger violence and disharmony in the country whether we like it or not and some of these leaders are using either religion or race to separate Malaysians.  Whether we want to admit or not, we are a racial community. We look at one another based on the appearance, whether it's the color skin, the language or the way we dress. It's a difficult thing to change but is our race and religion differences more important or would we rather be ruled/controlled by these thugs? As 2020 is just 5 years away, are we ready to call ourselves a developed country if we are to be have leaders such as these? Your call.

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