Premier League Big Game: Man City vs Chelsea

Tonight will be the first big game in the Premier League with the last season top two come face to face at this early stage.

But with current Chelsea's form and the fact they are playing away from home, don't expect much flair from Chelsea. In fact, it's quite easy to suspect that Chelsea will park the bus for the game. While it's fair to say that Mourinho don't always make Chelsea play a boring game but the Blues boss is very much aware of his job, that's to win points and not to entertain the fans.

Manchester City vs Chelsea

While City is currently in good mood after a great display in their first game, the expectation is high, with many will be looking to see if Kompany & Co are really back to their best. It also raise a lot of eyebrows on how good Yaya Toure will be this year after a disappointing form last season.

My take is that Chelsea will steal the 3 points between the two teams although I'm hoping it'll be a draw game. 

Looking forward to the game and hopefully, Mourinho will spring some surprises for us and not just a boring game as predicted.

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