Project Fitness [Sep 15]

The thing about working as an employee is that sometimes you just don't have time. Today was one of those days for me.

Initially I planned to wake up at 6 in the morning to cover for it but unfortunately I forgot to charge my Lumia 950 and it was almost empty when I went to bed. Guess what. No alarm for me so I'm sort of late and rushing for work and other appointments.

Not that it is something that is worth following but if you ever faced with a similar situation where your plans just don't work out, perhaps it's also okay to go for something slightly less demanding of your time and commitment. After all, it's better to run for 10 minutes than not at all. It's also better to walk for 10 minutes than none. 

For me, instead of totally ignoring my running schedule, I went for a 10 minutes run and managed 2.04km. At least it was above 2km. Phew. Anyway, just do it with some stretching before I rushed for my work today.

2.04km in 10 minutes

As for the meal for the day, i think it is rather unhealthy and the timing was a bit off as well. Most likely due to work schedule (will need to think of ways to overcome this). 


I didn't really eat the healthiest diet for the day...taken oats and 2 half-boiled eggs for breakfast.

Lunch: wantan mee + chicken 

Dinner: Maggi goreng ayam + telur mata

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