Making a difference....

Isn't it common to hear people said about "making a difference"? Some even preached about it. I was probably part of that group who preached about it and tried to do it through various activities. But those were the days and I guess I am looking at things in a new mind frame.
I just read an interesting poem about making a difference....

If each grain of sand were to say:
One grain does not make a mountain,
There would be no land.

If each drop of water were to say:
One drop does not make an ocean,
There would be no sea.

If each note of music were to say:
Each note does not make a symphony,
There would be no melody.

If each word were to say:
One word does not make a library,
There would be no book.

If each brick were to say:
One brick does not make a wall,
There would be no house.

If each seed were to say:
One seed does not make a field,
There would be no harvest.

If each of us were to say:
One person does not make the difference,
There would never be love and peace on earth.

You and I do make the difference,
Begin today and make the difference.

As I read through this poem, I'm motivated to make it something practical in my life about making a difference. I used to be excited and motivated to share the "gospel" and make more Christians. I am not saying that it is something wrong but I felt that I could have spend more time doing things that make more sense to people around my life. I was just chatting with Siew Wei and was talking about what to do during this Christmas.

For me, it was a special year because it is the first time in my life since I became a Christian that I am not part of any activities in the church and yet I felt that making a difference is becoming more relevant in my life.

To make a difference is not to do something big, but it is something simple and I suggest the best way to start is from home.

If you're not part of any organization, any church...just look around you. Probably someone in your house needed some attention. It doesn't take much but to make a difference, it needs to start from the heart.

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.