Just finish watching the new movie by Stephen Chow....a very interesting movie to watch...and really, something new from Stephen and he definitely is adding meaning into his movie. To those who critics his movies, please open up that space and look at this new product by this great comedian....not so much of a comedy this time around yet laughter is still guaranteed if there is a great of sense of humour in you.

Hmm...let's just said this movie is not just one that is aiming at making BIG BUCK and while a lot of the jokes have been the "STEPHEN CHOW trademark" yet the refresh idea is in there. Definitely a thumbs up!

The alien is cute and while it might have been a little similar to other cartoons, it has definitely been effective in putting a smile on your face. Well, let's just said that it means more to watch this movie if you are looking for one that you could laugh about and some meaning on sacrifice for the family.

Hopefully this movie would be able to change some of the people's mentality on the "mou lei tou" jokes of Stephen Chow. It is indeed something to be credited for the effort of Stephen Chow on this new movie. Nothing like the cool action movie like Rambo, or the good fighting skill in KUNG FU DUNK...not even a match if we mention about jokes in comparison to "kungfu hustle" or "shaolin soccer" yet it is one that speaks of love with a good sense of humour.

"Definitely a movie of an outstanding effort"...at least in my point of view. Well, it was great as the movie really did teach me a good lesson on love....while the message is common, it is definitely a reflection of a continuous sacrifice. For me to speak of love is simple and easy...but to picture myself going through the life of "Stephen" as that character, it was kinda impossible.

While many of us felt that we live a life full of difficulty, it is definitely nothing much like poverty.
Although it was way too much exaggerated in the movie, the picture of poverty is really in it and for a father to give his all to the son, it was a simply a true reflection of love. A good decision by Stephen Chow to try out something new....and that effort is worth recognition.

Hopefully, many more people will understand that message of love besides the good jokes and humour.