Get cha head in the game!

Now that I am in the process of entering the working world, somehow I felt tremendous pressure from those around me. In a way, I wanted to prove adults who think that I am not experienced enough wrong. Sometimes I really hope I will be growing up faster because only then can I tell the world that "Hey! I might not be as experienced as you but I have my perspectives and I believe that it is valid." Such is the struggle that I felt growing up. While I do not deny that I still have a lot of things to learn but I also believe that I have been able to see farther ahead by standing on the shoulder of Giants...such is the quotation from Isaac Newton.
Anyway I think only time will tell the story to mankind. I am looking for some history books to read but then come to think of it again, history books are so much manipulated by winners of a certain story.
It made me think for my life ahead. I remembered watching I AM LEGEND....and to be honest, I will want to leave a legacy for myself before I go into the other world. But the story that I am going to write might be so full of corruption, bias perspectives and even selfish motivation.
Well, not to forget that we are all human beings with our own "hidden agendas".
Moving on at this stage seems to tell me to get my head in the game, understand what it takes to win this game, but it also reminds me to remain true to myself as I move on in this life. If I have to lose myself to win this game, what good is that victory after all?
I am using languages of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL in this part of my if you don't really understand, then probably you will have to spend 2 hours on that movie and though as predicted as it is, I guess it is something to freshen up our dying part of integrity. I remembered a friend that once told me that "Happy Ever After" is fake....I can't really agreed with that and though I do not deny it. Haha! seems like a paradox to you?
Well, maybe the best way to put it would be "Happy ever After" from what you watched from the HOLLYWOOD is fake but it can exist if you and I work towards that goal. Just as much as people think that corruption is going to be a common part when one comes into the working world, but I believe it takes more than courage to hold on firmly on integrity and no doubt it will be a tough road ahead, I want to walk a road that I will be proud of someday when I look back.
Get cha head in the game?? It is really all up to you.


  1. hmm..i wanted to leave a legacy was my aim...somehow i am not sure abt it is just full with uncertainties..and i am another person who doesnt believe in happy ever will only happen in fairy tales...


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