STPM results...

Yesterday was the day where I got my STPM results. 2A, 1A- and a B+ was okay to be honest but I was expecting something more. I thought I could be getting A for my Physics and not an A-. So was kinda disappointed. Anyway I guess I can't change anything already by now. So might as well just focus on the next step.
Well, to all my friends who have done exceedingly well for their examination, CONGRATULATIONS!!
As for those who might be disappointed with their results, I guess it is something that none of us can change now and the best thing to do is to look for the better option now.
I know that it is not easy to do it but I really hope that you guys would be able to get what you dream to be.
Hmm....enough of STPM results I guess.
So, the next step seems like a difficult to choose from. Some people go after dream....I am not so sure about what would it be that I will follow after.
Anyway that is all for the STPM updates.