The champions rule

It was the Super Sunday and no one would want to miss the match between Manchester United and Liverpool as well as Chelsea and Arsenal.
In the Old Trafford, the Red Devils dominate the possession and make it an easy victory with Liverpool down to 10 men. With a superb header from defender Brown in the first half, United seem to be destined to win when Liverpool were forced to play with 10 men after a surprisingly red card. Fernando Torres had not performed the way he used to for the last 7 matches and United were going stronger with every minute especially with substitute Nani and Tevez up front with Ronaldo and Rooney. And just as United seemed to fail to find the net, the on form Ronaldo headed in the second one for United from a corner by Nani to finish the game off. But Nani wanted more and find himself the space to put in the third goal for United.
A nightmare for Liverpool and definitely a significant lead for the Red Devils.
Arsenal on the other side fall to the hands of the BLUES when Drogba netted in two goals in 8 minutes to a marvelous comeback victory for Chelsea.
The pressure is now on the Gunners after they lost their second place to Chelsea. The Blues are optimistic to reclaim their title but the Red Devils are not going to make it easy for the Blues, especially with Ronaldo on form. Expect more from the EPL challenge and don't try to rule Arsenal out of contention because the Gunners had still put an excellent performance though they have not win a single game from the last 5 matches.