Congrats Lionel!!

Well, congratulations Lionel in starting your own family!!
I'm sure you'll be a good husband...

It's just great to be there to see a happy couple getting married. Marriage actually brings the meaning of a legal union between two couple in order to live together and most of the time, to have children as well. Of course, I prefer the word marriage that means "an intimate union".
I find it more meaningful and perhaps more accurate.

I really do hope that this new journey for Lionel will be more meaningful and purposeful. There are some who ask "Why Lionel didn't married in church?"
Now I might not be the right person to answer this kind of question but honestly, is that the most important question? No...I don't think so and I'm happy to be part of this celebration although the marriage ceremony takes part in a culture (Chinese culture and some Buddhism) that I lack understanding, knowledge as well as enthusiasm.

Well, goodbye to your bachelor days Lionel and I sincerely hope you'll embrace this new journey...


  1. hi Kian Hin, is your Lionel 21 too? so he has tied the knot.. how about u? :p

  2. Haha!! He's 25...I guess 21 is too young for marriage...will wait for Aaron first...;)


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