Let's talk about applications...

I know I have mentioned about some of the important application that you must have in your device...I mentioned 5 applications that you must have in your device and really that will help your WindowsMobile run better. Now of course, there might be some of you who are not convince of the reliability of WindowsPhone...well, what the heck...there is always an issue with lagging right? and what about the UI that most people hate so much when they talk about Windows Mobile 6.1. Of course, 6.5 has come with the solution. You can read an interview regarding 6.5 here...

Anyway today, while I want to talk about applications, I want to share a few software company that has been the producing cooL apps, whether it for Windows, Blackberry or even Iphone.

Now the first one that I would mention is definitely none other than SPB Software.

Among the cool softwares introduced by the company is SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.
Besides that, the other cool softwares available are:
2) SPB Wireless Monitor
3) SPB Phone Suite
4) SPB News

Of course, there are also softwares like SPB Weather, Wallet, Traveller and many others.
In fact, I have all of these softwares. But if you are not sure if you want to purchase them, try their trial download version first from their webpage.

Now, another software company that I would recommend is VITOTECHNOLOGY.

Among the popular softwares here are:

* Audio Notes
* Audio Notes Touch
* AstroNavigator
* Communication Suite
* EyePhoto
* FunContact 3x
* GoodWin
* RingtoneEditor
* SoundExplorer
* SMS-Chat
* Task2Gather
* Voice2Go
* VoiceDialer
* Weather
* Winterface
* ZoomBoard

Well, from some of the websites that I have gone through and as I learned from the XDA developer forum, I realized that sometimes, applications are not about numbers alone. No doubt about the great number of applications in Iphone and how it could easily be searched by Itunes...Windows Market Place is a long way to go in comparison to that but maybe all that is needed are the popular apps and making sure that there are more of these cools one coming in.

Now, when I said talk about applications, I did not mean we just simply talk about any...we pick some of the best and we talk about it here...just as we pick some of our favourite and purchase it. So, for those with Windows Phone, don't feel down if you don't have that much apps in WindowsMarketPlace...google what you need and you might just find it as easy as you do it with Itunes.