Turning your WindowsMobile into super SMARTPHONE

First of all, what is the one difference that most smartphone users don't realize about WindowsMobile? Well, simple: you can see LG using the same OS, as well as HTC. But does that happen to the Apple Iphone?? No!!

Anyway that's for another post.

Well, if you felt that WindowsMobile ain't providing the kind of cooL touching feel, then think again because with just a bit of genius in you, you could create a super SMARTPHONE.

The first software that is a must for your WinMo to challenge Iphone cool touch effect is: SPB MOBILE SHELL...and the latest version 3.5 brings some HERO sense to you as well.

For those of you who wanna know some of the stuff about SPB Mobile Shell 3.0, then feel free to look into my post here: SMS like an IPHONE

Well, of course it was mainly about VITO SMS CHAT but how I modify and integrate it with SPB MOBILE SHELL.

1)Anyway, like I said, the first important software that you need to have is SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5. The few reasons why this is important is because it is touch friendly. It helps to make your user interface friendly and thus, making it extremely easy to navigate your SMARTPHONE.

the improved weather widget...

Now you can have favourite photos for you, and check out what happen when you click on it

and you can slide it into this NEXT:

Well, it is very smooth and you can slide it easily, something like what you do with your iPhone!!

2) The number 2 priority: VITO SMS CHAT
Well, this is what will help you to have a nice threaded sms. And if you look through my previous post, you can actually have an iPhone SMS skin...you could easily monitor your messages through this software.

3) Skype Mobile
Now you might wonder why Skype is important. At this age, you will find that there are so many inlimited GPRS usage being provided by Telco companies. For one example, I'm using RM30 per month for an unlimited DATA usage with my DIGI CAMPUS. Now, practically, you are turning your pocket pc into a skype phone except that there ain't any video call. Wouldn't this mean free calls if everyone start practice this? Sounds too good to be true? Well, you can try it on your smartphone and see the difference!!

4) WindowsLiveMessenger, Facebook and Twitter

Now, who could live without connection with the outside world and now, all these three apps are easily available for your pocket pc and it is convenient for touch usage...


Now another important and crucial part that WindowsMobile lose on is the Keyboard. It is never convenient for people and it has been difficult to message without looking at it. But with SPB Keyboard, you can actually message without looking at your screen...Helpful when driving? Lol!!

Well, you will find more details about these softwares in the UpCOMING Post...while we anticipate for the lauching of Windows Mobile 6.5.