Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

I first read about this theory from a good friend of mine, Addie which I’m sure most of you know of. Anyway, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” is the Murphy’s law. At my first glance of it, it seems illogical but as I ponder about it, it makes sense even from a mathematical point of view.

It is a reflection of what we learned from Mathematics and what we call as "Probability". An event which is possible (non-zero probability) will almost surely take place if given a long enough or sufficient time. No wonder we are seeing the Depression era one after another.

Today, I read from Time magazine about the Person of the Year according to the magazine. Federal Reserve Chairman in the United States, Ben Bernanke. After all, 2009 was the story of a weak economy that could have been much, much weaker.

Sometimes, I felt that it probably takes more than reading to be successful but knowledge might be the fundamental of success. Everyday seems to be a learning process for me nowadays, all the more now that I’m not teaching any tuition classes. I have the time to think about stories, write poems, dream some dream, listen to songs and stories of hope, play a bit of games. Maybe that is what I mean when I said “I want to walk, run, jump and embrace everyday.”

Some of my friends look at me as materialistic while some others look at me as independent. Still, some others look at me as religious, while some think that I’m always talking about “nonsensical stories”, with others just being my companion. I’m not very much bothered about labels any more, neither do I start labelling others as often as I did. I’m not sure why am I writing so much about these today but it’s just thoughts that come into my mind.

We read a lot about the failure of our political, economical as well as the education system. Then we have the Copenhagen Accord under constant criticism. Well, maybe it is true indeed regarding Murphy’s law. “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and true indeed. Our world is a mess, failing in every way. It makes us wonder at times, “Is there hope?”

The Christians talk about hope in Jesus…that’s what Christmas is about for Christians but most people don’t feel and experience that hope. I remembered reading about the beggars who have been disfigured from “The Star” newspaper. What is humanity? I wonder about all this even as I listened to the song “Man in the mirror”. Can really changing ourselves help change the world? It really hurts to hear about broken relationships, failure in our own country leaders. It makes perfect sense for Christians to look at Jesus as the hope. But in this darkness is it possible to even talk about hope? I’m not so sure….change start from self. That’s the best I could do I guess…and we keep trying everyday…maybe not perfect but a little change a day might help. Am I making sense? I think it’s time for reading again….couldn’t continue blogging in this somber mood.