Happy Birthday Liang HiN!!

I will always remembered the first day I went to Canning Garden Baptist Church (CGBC) because that was the day God bless with me a wonderful friend, teacher, mentor and brother, Liang Hin.
Although things are very much different now as in we don't spend time for breakfast, lunch or hang out every week. All of these wonderful outings no longer exist because we're both moving on to a new phase of life.
But in my heart, I will always remembered a friend that remains faithful, strong and be by my side despite of my flaws, selfish ambitions and mistakes.
Liang Hin, I am sorry I couldn't celebrate birthday with you like how we used to have those celebrations together but I want you to know you'll always be a brother close to my heart.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Kian Hin.


  1. thanks kianhin! am honored to be given such space in your writings.

    your are being kind, jasper...


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