YenLeng second trip to KL

Well, what do you do if your girlfriend is going to your varsity to take examination?

I am not sure if any of you have these types of experience but well, like I mentioned in my previous post, she was here last Friday as she had to take the CCP examination in University Malaya Bangunan Peperiksaan.

Being a good boyfriend, (loL! perasan case!!) I book a room in University House for both her and her friend who is also taking the exam with her. Since the University House is only next to the Bangunan Peperiksaan, this will be extremely convenient for her. I spent some time with her on Friday (not much though as I want her to prepare for her exam) and we went out together after her exam.

We went for a movie, CLASH OF THE TITANS and we watch it in GOLD CLASS, Midvalley. That cost me quite a lot of money...RM80 for two persons...but then again, I felt the environment and seats were very comfortable. Well, for me, it's worth the money.

both of us sit on 1 seat and it still fit nicely!!
But then since I already bought two tickets, we sit on our own seats la...more comfortable!!

we took this photo in the lounge..

we got ourselves two can of cokes, a popcorn and a plate of nuggets...

Well, the CLASH OF THE TITANS was okay...not too bad and definitely worth the money.
After the movie, we went for "jalan-jalan" in Midvalley and seriously, I was damn tired from all those shopping...wonder how YenLeng managed to walk with excitement the whole time...

I play with the camera while we jalan-jalan..

She was always asking me if there is any chocolate shops....and well, after walking for a few hours, we managed to find one...

The Cocoa Trees!!

Finally we had our dinner in Kim Gary together with her friend before we go back to IPOH!!

while waiting for food, she play PSP with her friend...