Chelsea is the new EPL champion

Well, let's be honest.
I am a Manchester United fan and I hate the fact that Chelsea won the EPL this season. However, I must said that a win is a win. They have played the entire season with discipline. Good defence as well as good attacking forward options. A lot of good characteristics shown by the Blues especially in their final game...8-0 the score against Wigan. Something that not many people expect to see but then again, Chelsea has been really good this season especially when they are on form.
No doubt about that, the entire Chelsea squad will enjoy this season much better than the rest. United, must have been cursing the fact that they lost 2 quality forward, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez while keeping one who has failed to perform. Sir Alex Ferguson might not admit it but most likely, he will feel that money used to buy Berbatov might worth more if he used it to keep Tevez instead. Berbatov might just be on his way out of Old Trafford given his performance for the season.
Well, the English Premier League has been full of a lot of twist and turn, with Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United all three fighting for the title until the final few games before Arsenal eventually fade off. The Red Devils have shown a lot of good characteristic as well but probably the game against Bayern Munich prove to be too costly for them.
On the other hand, Chelsea might have benefited from the early exit when they lost to Inter Milan.
It is also great to see teams that are emerging into the top 4 with Tottenham at the 4th place this season and also Manchester City. Everton and Aston Villa are also a constant threat even when they play against Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal as well as Liverpool. Liverpool had one of their worst season and it must have cost the fans to think about the prospect of even losing out to Aston Villa and Everton.
well, now that the EPL is over, let's turn our attention to La Liga where two giants are fighting for the first spot...both Barcelona and Real Madrid are on form at the moment. Real would need Barcelona to slip up while Barcelona might need Messi to continue his magic to make sure they clinch the title for this season after losing to Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final.
There is also the Bundesliga to watch with Bayern Munich proving to have buy a magic and worthy player, Robben as they are on course for a treble.
Just as their opponent in the Champions League final is on course for the treble, Inter Milan under the Special One, Mourinho is also going after the treble. They are at the top of the table in the Serie A at the moment and they have won the Italian Cup.
Well, there is still a lot of excitement to watch before the end of the season.
And let us not forget about the upcoming World Cup, which promises a lot of excitement.
It will definitely worth the money for you to watch all these exciting matches.