There are expectations to meet

There are times that YenLeng would smsed me, asking me "Why am I still busy despite being on holiday?"
Well, just in case if you are wondering if she meant I do not have enough time spend with her, I want to clarify that was not her meaning. What she felt was that I probably do not have enough time to rest. Well, that is normal because most people who are close to me would ask me the same thing. I mean after all, what is a university student who is supposedly to be on holiday doing every night right up til 2 to 3 am and waking up at 7 or 8 am every single day

There are things that I will not mention in my blog.
However, I just can said that there are certain expectations that I must meet. and I will be able to do that. At times, the road can be tough, tiring and even full of uncertainties.
But I know I am going to move forward...and be better each time...
As for now, I am blogging from McD...signing off now to send my brother to get his passport later...