Fully recover....

Hey peeps...i'm back and fully recover!!
Gosh...the terrible feeling of having going to the toilet so many times....(stupid food poisoning!!) ban OLD TOWN food from now on...no more!!

Anyway, just wanna thank those people who send me wishes and all...

Well, I have a lot to blog about because got a lot of happening stuff in my life...lOL!
Okay okay...while I was sick, I received a postcard from Catherine...she promised to send to me a long time ago...got it adi...very happy!!

P.S: For those of you who want to send me postcard or gifts, feel free to ask for my address....haha!!

Definitely is a good gift for me since I was sick when I got this...hehe!!

Well, I went to KL for a Facilitator camp...has a day off before that and I went and buy myself another pair of Nike shoe...introducing:


I know...i know...it's beautiful...it's my new "darling"!!

Alright...ever since I started my recovery process from the stupid "FOOD POISON" experience, I started to look at fruit juice...

Here is what I do:

Tada!! my apple juice!!

Anyway, I'm supposed to be busy studying for my MLC but somehow, I don't have the mood yet. Yeah yeah...I know some people will start complaining but I'll give my best...no worries!!
After all, it's at the end of the year although once the 3rd year starts, it'll be quite a busy schedule for me. Hopefully, I could manage....

Well, was a bit disappointed with the World cup game...Italy was held 1-1 against Paraguay...chi!!laka!! Luckily a lot of my friend's England also draw...haha!!
Hopefully, more luck will be on my team...hehe!!


  1. wah, another nike!!! rich fella and i want post cards too...

  2. did the green apples really work for stomach ache? great.. actually fresh fruits are very good for our bodies.. anti oxidant..

  3. Haha!! Siew Wei...don't be jealous!! ish! hehe...
    Claire: The fruits are good but the doctor told me not to drink so much fruit juice while you are having stomahc ache...it'll be great to drink it after you get better...;) and drink it often to maintain good health!! haha!!


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