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the new iphone 4

I have not really blog about iphone 4 despite of the hype and talks about the latest gadget by Apple. From ipod classic to ipod touch, and then the iphone generations and then the ipad...finally now the iphone 4....so far, all of these gadgets have been very popular and a lot of positive feedbacks given to them.

The iphone 4 has been designed in such a way that it is the world's thinnest smartphone at the moment. Well, apparently, Apple claimed that it has retina display....and if you think that it is too far-fetched, then you might have to argue with a lot of people who seem to be impressed by it. It also has the Apple A4 Processor....which makes it possible for multitasking and Facetime calls now....impressive enough??
Well, and Apple which has always been good in the touch screen era will boast about the improved gyro and accelerometer in the new iphone. Better motion gestures and greater precision...making gaming experience a joy and satisfaction!!

For those of you who are looking to buy iphone 4 from Malaysia, you might have to wait until August, September or even until the end of the year....hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to see the offer from Digi or Maxis...

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