My life at this point...

It is funny to look at my life and wonder how so much have changed...because I've seen how I've done stupid things, encouraging stuff, brilliant stuff and also things that required a heart big enough to bear certain challenges.

when the Italians won the World Cup in 2006..

when they were on the verge of going out...
But I truly believe the team tried...that's all that counts!!

Well, I would love to start with the World Cup. Every 4 years, it would either be heartache or jubbiliant joy. 4 years ago, when Italy finally clinched the World Cup in all the years I followed the World Cup, I was full of joy and pride. Some people wondered what is the buzz all over World Cup. While there are so many others out there that talk about making money during this season...some talking about football gambling...some talk about England winning their 2nd World Cup (ya right?)...and still many others talk about a lot of stuff...everything about football. But when it comes to football, it was about love for me. Italy was my first love. Probably it was because my brother told me about 1994 World Cup game where Italy lost to Brazil. The thought of Roberto Baggio missing the penalty somehow hit me...and ever since then, I've loved no other countries in the World Cup other than Italy. This World Cup, just as it had bring pain to me in 1998 and 2002, I felt that something was missing in the team that was playing with such spirit in the last 10 minutes. People may argued that the Italians were old and totally not in the form like Brazil, Argentina and all the other big guns. A lot of the media mentioned about the shameful exit. But it was a team that tried to stand together to defend the World Cup in my eyes. A lot of people talked about Fabio Cannavaro being too old to do anything spectacular but he still played with a lot of characteristics....I wonder how many saw him defending the balls with his heart but I did. And what about the coach? Who could have blamed the coach that helped Italy into the World Cup in 2006. Well, the truth is that a lot actually blamed Lippi. I couldn't...if only you saw the changes he made in the game and how effective it was actually. All the close and yet so far...(at least you could see that in the last 10 minutes of the game...such passion...such desire to say we want to be there...) I know that a lot of people would disagreed with me but this is me with World Cup...the team that was said and criticized to be old and ugly was my favourite and it will always remain that way....Italy, might have lost but just as when they lost in 2002, they were strong enough to be back in 2006 and I believed they will be strong enough for the next one...and til then, my World Cup chapter is over for this time around... Maybe some people might wonder what is World Cup related to my life at this point...but this is my is not entirely everything to was the heart that I have for Italy...and it will remain true in that way.

Besides World Cup, I'm at the point of waiting for the university to start....have been spending a lot of times in a lot of other stuff....friends, family, rest and all....and I'm going to officially start my MLC journey (meaning start studying for MLC).

Before this, I mentioned about going back to music...I did but not enough...guess I was too busy for such enjoyable stuff...but I'm learning to reject invitations and do things that I loved....recently, I even bought a CD....
A lot of oldies songs....but then I loved it lots!! I knew there are some who imagined me only liking love songs but it's a no...I enjoyed a lot of different types....sentimental, oldies, jazz, rock, pop...generally everything that is good...haha!! But I'm a very sentimental person....but I pledged never to cry...MAN OF STEEL....I won't be defeated by emotion because emotion and feelings are something that are temporary and brings little benefits.

my favourite hero!!

I wanted to enjoy and allow the music to keep my mind at's really something that is fantastic....AWESOME!! haha!!

Still about 10+ days before uni I looking forward to it? Well, as for now, I missed lectures...where I get to fall asleep in a few minutes...but I believed once the new semester starts, it will be an entirely different story for me. I knew what would my 3rd year look will be similar to my first year...somehow I knew it at the bottom of my heart...

i'm growing older...i really am...

What is next in the menu of life??

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  1. we go through new phases of life as we grow...
    all the best to you, kianhin..


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