Random stuff for the day

Surprisingly, I am still playing with the phone my sis bought...it's small and cute...lOL!! I'm loving it more now..

Anyway, I went and get my car to the mechanic to see what's wrong with the brake...apparently, nothing serious. Initially there was some sound each time I pressed at the brake...didn't know how the mechanic helped solve the problem and it's free of charge...so happy after that!!

Then, I head for breakfast with Evon and Teiz Tzuan...I couldn't believed this but I was back in OLDTOWN Kopitiam...and I'm okay even after I ate the noodles there...we had our lunch in McD and yah...we actually talked until it was about 4++....
Although we just had casual chat, I'm kinda enjoying the small company with them....

Well, I had my dinner with my mom in the restaurant just outside my house...simple dinner because just the two of us. At the moment, my bro is in US, second sis in KL, dad in Penang and eldest sister was out eating with friends.

Now that I'm back at home, I'm looking at blogs, reading articles and chatting with Yenleng and friends as well as others...;-)


  1. u spelt my name wrongly ishhhh

  2. haha...typo error la...lOL!! dun la marah-marah...;)


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