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I must said that not having enough sleep is really a bad thing but then again, I'm making use of the time and advantages of it as well.

Anyway, I am glad that YenFong (will blog more about her next time) had the free time to kacau me and let me kacau!! haha!! it helps to release the pressure at times.

Just yesterday, Chen Dong ajak us out yum cha. Nothing much happened to be honest. Probably it's been a while I met up with them and there wasn't much going on in my life as well so there ain't much conversation. But just seeing him was a great joy!! It's great to know that after a few years and despite the fact that he's studying in Australia, we're still meeting up as friends and spending some wasteful time over a cup of drink. (not really wasted...just lepaking I guess...)

Probably due to the break and holiday feel, I find it hard to get my mind into the books and notes even though I looked at it. I was thinking at a much slower rate myself.

And I have made my mind to get myself the Digi internet instead of Streamyx when I move back to KL. (don't ask me why ya!!)

I am still happily playing with the Neonode N2 phone. Smaller than a credit card, smooth and nice to be used as the touch screen is very responsive and the best part is the headset...it's rocking cool for music entertainment. Too bad there ain't any Wifi or connectivity with the phone. A bit disappointing on this part.

I'll also be using the netbook when the uni start, exchanging the laptop with YenLeng. This is for my own convenience...lighter and easier to be carried with.

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