Bad start for Inter Milan

Well, without the inspiration and motivation by Jose Mourinho, Inter Milan was defeated 2-0 in the Super Cup by Atletico Madrid. This could be a bad news for Rafa Benitez as his reign in Inter Milan has not started as well as planned. 

Despite of the fact that Inter started with 10 out of 11 from last season's squad, the players were a shadow of themselves and could hardly prove themselves as the reigning European champions. 

Goals from Jose Antonio Reyes and Sergio Aguero in the 62nd and 83rd minute respectively were enough to sink the reigning European champions. Inter Milan's Diego Milito missed the penalty in the 89th minute as well.

Rafa Benitez is asking to be given time but the Italian boss might not have the he better work some magic that help Liverpool overturn the 3-0 deficit in Istanbul.

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