the start of a new season

The World Cup was a disappointment for me, especially since Italy was knocked out in the first round. Quite embarrassing which is why I stopped following on the World Cup 2010. Anyway, it is now in the past and I am looking forward to the start of a new season.
For those of you who follow on the transfer news, you will realize that Manchester City is again buying and selling a lot of players. One must wonder how is the team going to gel and be united to try and challenge for the EPL title if the players were not given enough time to play together. It is something that the coach must seek out to do.
Then, we have Manchester United with signings of youths again. No wonder the rumours about the spending power given to Alex Ferguson are getting more serious despite the fact that Manchester United boss insist that he had the fund to spend on players. However, from the display of Javier Hernandez, it seems that the Red Devils buy a "star" player to be. Of course, let us not forget about Chelsea and Liverpool with both the teams exchanging Benayoun and Joe Cole.
It will be interesting to see how these two players will perform.
Of course, let us not forget about the pursue of Fabregas by Barcelona. It is interesting to see how it will turn out to be given the fact that the Arsenal player has publicly mentioned his desire to leave for Barcelona. And with the pressure from the Spaniards, it will definitely be interesting to see how ugly the affair will turn into.

Well, there are more news and I am looking forward to see the first game between the Red Devils and the Blues.

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