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If you are a fan of Apple's products, you will probably be proud of the new additional features in the iPhone 4 but with recent complaints on the antenna and proximity issues, the reputation of the loved brand might not be as strong as it used to be. Nevertheless, a lot of people love to talk about iPhone 4, including myself because it's cool.

Well, here are the addition to the coolest smartphone at the moment.

It helps you to video call with people who also have an iPhone. This is of course thanks to the new front camera, a new addition that many embrace and look forward to.

Although I personally feel that this is over hyped by Apple's marketing team, the 3.5 inch screen of the 960 by 640 resolution definitely make graphics look extremely awesome...but really, why use retina display? it's far-fetched...

This is definitely something that is good for those who want to make use of a smartphone for proper usage besides games, cool and musics...well, Apple definitely is good at bringing things up slowly but in the right a thumbs up for them here!!

Well, if you notice, everything is about High Definition now...HD this and HD it's not a surprise to know about the HD Video. With the ability to record and edit stunning video, many will be using it for video...

Well, seriously, this is one of the best smartphone available at the moment, if not the best...and you might probably wanna get a hand of it...however, I'll prefer to sit back and see if Windows Phone 7 will be able to challenge the new iPhone 4 although given the fact that there is no copy and paste functionality, Windows Phone 7 might be a generation behind. 

Anyway, iPhone 4 definitely has hit the market in the right way despite of some minor issues...

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