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It has finally arrived. Digi iPhone 4 is now selling like hot cakes in the country and no doubt about that, everyone would want to get one for themselves. When iPhone 4 comes calling, thousands waited eagerly for the plan to decide for themselves whether the Yellow Man has the better offer or Maxis. 
I'm one of those who look out for the plan as well and some of my friends talked to me about the plan as well and no doubt about that, Digi offer the most affordable plan in Malaysia. 
Nevertheless, while some of my friends are buying it, I could only envy them when they show off the cool, elegant style, sleek design and the latest feature of their iPhone 4. 
I wanted it but I couldn't have it as i'm dead broke at the moment.

I wouldn't say I'm an Apple fan boy...so, why I always wanted the iPhone 4...

Well, I am a social network freak...and I'll love too twit and update my status in FB using the coolest phone in town and say: "Oh my gosh!! I got free iphone 4 from Digi..." It's so totally cool because I'm the kind of person who travels and on the move very often. 

Then, I'm also a blogger. I blog almost everyday...with or without special stuff happening in my life because i think it helps to create a great perspective for me when i look back at my own blog some day...and it's gonna be awesome to have the ability to blog wherever I am...I would love to see myself blogging in the train using the iPhone 4...it'll be freaking cooL!!

Besides blogging, there's one thing that I like about Apple all along...the itune...the ability to buy music that you love and listen to them...so,it'll be really nice to listen to my favourite music while on the go.

It'll be great...imagine...taking the iPhone 4 to Mamak with my friends, entering Starbucks while playing with some of the iPhone 4 games, listening to lectures in class while recording the lecture...checking the emails while waiting for my friends...all of those are just gonna happen, and who could deny the fact that iPhone 4 is a "chick magnet"...and all the girls probably couldn't resist the awesomeness of the phone...

even starbucks love Apple.

I still have tonnes of reasons for the iPhone 4...the apps, the capability to do work while I'm on the go and stay connected all the time. I even have a blog that talks about the importance of staying connected to the internet world. Come on...we're in the new era...iPhone 4 just make all of that happen. 

Hopefully, my dream will come true...haha!!

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