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Well, one of the best part about Apple iPhone is the apps that come with it. With iPhone 4, you could have easily buy so many applications from iTunes. There are so many useful apps out there that one could use to help manage one's time. 

it definitely feel good to play some app game when you're bored..

After all, there are about 250,000 apps and still counting for usage. 
Some of the example of such apps include those you could find in the apps for students such as the National Geographic World Atlas, iStudiez Pro that help you manage your school life and time. 
Then, there is the app for those of you who are into work out such as the Nikewomen Training Club, Men's Health workouts, Couch to 5k and many others that keep you on the right track for a good fitness level. 
There are also other social networking apps such as the Twitter, Facebook and many others. 
Being a blogger, having app for blogging is also very convenient. 

However, the best app that I find so far is "Whats App"

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messaging app which allows you to exchange messages with your friends and contacts without having to pay for SMS.

This is because Whats App utilizes the existing smartphone internet data plan such as 3G or EDGE. If you are not willing to spend on a data plan, then you could make use of the app in places that have Wifi available. 

Probably, there are some people who might argued about the importance of having this app since we could exchange messages via SMS but it has actually become an important tool to help us connected with our friends from other countries. While some people might said that we could easily use Skype or MSN messenger but using Whats App, it is much more convenient as there will be a notification for you whenever you received a message from your friends regardless of which countries they are in even though the app was not turn on at that time. The function of Whats App works exactly like how SMS works. The only difference is that it is making use of the data plan instead. I definitely think that Whats App is the favourite and most useful application. 

After all, when you are tired and bored, it is important to play some games on your iPhone but it is even more important to have company with you. People who care about you could easily message you even though they might be away in other countries. All of these could be done without worrying expensive phone bills. You could also discuss on some emergency matters regarding works with your friends through Whats App. From there, you could plan the right time to video call for discussion of your work if the two of you are from different countries. The possibility and functionality of Whats App definitely help you to stay connected with the world in a convenient, cheap and cool manner. 

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