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So, we all know that almost everyone love Apple products and who can deny that it feels good to be playing with the iPhone 4 wherever we go. With our favorite apps running, we could also be listening to our favorite music or we might want to capture photos and special moments using the iPhone 4 camera. If you want High Definition moment, you could also record it. Well, sounds cool? But the question remains to be seen on the price that you have to pay for this smartphone. 

Well, a lot of people say that Apple products are overprice and I agreed to a certain extend. This is probably due to the brand and Steve Jobs deserve all the credits for making Apple what it is today and most importantly, the iPhone. 
Anyway, with the announcement by both Maxis and Digi, one couldn't help but to agree that Digi has the better offer. After all, it has the lowest iPhone plan which is very important. In fact, iPhone 4 plan has one of the best plan in comparison to other smartphones offered by either Digi, Maxis or Celcom.

Digi's plan for iPhone 4
There are some important factor that Digi has that attracted me more than Maxis. First of all, the cheapest plan offered by Digi is RM58, which is what around the price of most postpaid plan. Well, although the talk time, sms and mms available might not be a lot and the internet usage is up to only 1GB before the speed slown down but I find it reasonable given that we are only paying RM58. One must also take into consideration that you still get to have free calls, SMS and MMS to your supplementary lines and there could be up to 6DG family lines. You could also enjoy a cheaper calls to friends and family. 

One of the most attractive offer by Digi is the internet package that comes with it as well as the benefits of free calls, SMS and MMS to supplementary lines. 
For the internet usage, even though you might have reach the quota of the month, Digi won't charge any extra amount of money but instead, Digi will slow down your speed only. This is important because the iPhone needs the data package to stay alive. Without the data plan, there are a lot of things that you will be missing out such as using some of the apps that require you to go online. While the phone price remains at RM2290 for 16GB and RM2690 for 32GB, it is stil worth it given that you could pay using Easy payment. Of course, I must also salute Digi for giving the Auto billing rebate of RM5. First of all, it helps to make payment being done easily. Secondly, you get discounted price. I think the Digi iPhone 4 plan is the best so far in Malaysia and it is here for real...thank goodness for that!!

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