Iphone 4 Fever In Malaysia

As I was writing this, many Iphone fans have already rushed to subscribe to either Maxis or Digi Iphone plan. Both launched the latest Iphone from Apple nearing last weekend and it is believed that the Iphone can help boost the subscribers of both Maxis and Digi. Both telcos are offering equally competitive plans to attract existing Iphone users and new potential subscribers that are bound to join the Iphone 4 fever.

Maxis is offering four different iValue plans ranging from RM100 to RM375 for the Iphone fans to choose from. These iValue plans are actually a combination of internet plus voice plus messaging plan into one, and what is more important is that Maxis is offering competitive discount for the Iphone 4. Best of all, Maxis is also offering 24 months contract iValue 4 subscribers free Iphone 4. This means that if heavy users can actually get their Iphone for free.

iValue plans by Maxis

For existing Maxis Value Plus plan subscribers, they can just top up iData plans and then get the Iphone at a discount as well, should they feel the need to keep to their Value Plus plan.

iData plans by Digi

For Digi, the plan is pretty much simple and straight forward compares to what is offered by Maxis. Note that Digi only offers RM200 for the Iphone 4, no matter which plan that a subscriber chooses - but the plans are a lot more affordable compares to Maxis iValue plan. The lowest plan for Digi actually starts at RM63, although one can use auto-debit and then get additional RM5 discount on top of the current RM63 plan which already having RM25 discount.

Digi iPhone plans

Both Maxis and Digi are definitely pushing all out to gain more market share with Iphone fever in Malaysia. Which plans really suit you? Well, it really depends on how individual feels as both Maxis and Digi plans have slight advantage over each plan.

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