My company nowadays...

Well, today Carey came over my house to do her assignment. She came at 2plus in the afternoon and is still in the house while I'm blogging now at 11.05pm. 
Here is the one snapshot that I took of her...she hate it!! even though couldn't see her face at all. 

Carey and her Korean book...
Anyway I did not do much today either. Just spent time studying and doing some MLC questions, fb, read articles, blog and now blogging. 
Well, I must admit that at times, life could be pretty boring especially when there are so many things to do. It's pretty sickening at times with all the tests, exams and assignments coming along but I'm glad that I have some very good company.

Neonode phone is a good company and it's small in size...

The netbook that has been a constant company and it keeps me updated!!

Well, of course I have the HTC that entertain me with games although I must said that I'm getting bored of it already. (time to change the smartphone?? money.)

I guess that's it for now....will have more updates soon...

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  1. you really did blog about it. Doing assignment in your place. Haha~ i shall kacau you more often

    but no photos please. hehe


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