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Today I received the email on the confirmation of the MLC paper that I'll be taking on November 2nd. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit scared because I'm not well prepared at the moment. Today, I did quite badly for the "Foundation of Mathematics". Kinda regret for not spending time on papers that could easily get A. Anyway I am going to go the extra mile and I'm glad that regardless of some of the ups and downs in life, I am able to look at the bright side of things and try to work things out. Hopefully, this will continue. 

Anyway, there are other things that are coming up soon...the assignment for SPC and Stochastic need to be done as soon as possible and it will be a matter of time before the presentation. I have two tests coming in the following 2 weeks, which is good in a way because it helps me to keep track on my university studies. 

Sometimes, I do feel a bit stress because of the inability to give each of these subjects the sufficient time and concentration. The first thing I will need to do now is to get all the notes that I need and start doing the tutorials. 

Then, there are some other things that I need to do. Among them include blogging (something that I neglected due to the busy schedule), writing articles, emailing and keeping in touch with friends, reading and understanding some of the financial terms as well as economic system. Honestly, sometimes, I feel I am far behind many and it probably will take a lot of effort to be better. I guess I'll start small...I'll probably learn a bit at a time. 

I'm also making sure that I'm in good fitness level. Ever since my friend told me about the Korean artist,Tae Yang and how his body shape is awesome, I wanna be somewhere there. Well, I don't need the big muscles, just want to maintain my body fitness and shape. Wait til I work, then I'll consider learning kickboxing...hahaha!!

I guess there are so many other things that need to be done more often but everything need to start from somewhere. I did not want to make a giant leap of efforts that will eventually wear me down but I'm gonna do it one at a time, and I know that I can make be better each day.

Well, enough of what is gonna be coming in the days ahead...I wanna talk about some of the things that happened in the last few days or weeks. Well, probably it will be good to talk about Mooncake...I celebrated it on last Saturday with my family (since I won't be going back during the weekdays) and YenLeng also went there as well. 

Then, I celebrated it with my housemates and some of their friends on Tuesday. We played with Tanglung and also some candles. There are some happy moments that I will cherish with me. 

Am also very happy to have souvenirs from BabaHo. :-) She went Sabah and played during the sem break and came back with a gastric pain...lemah betul...haha!! anyway will keep her in prayer for speedy's the souvenirs I got from her...not one but two...wakaka!!
guitar from Sabah...a mini one...:-)

Sabah pen!!!

Well, guess that's all for now...waiting for the next thing that is coming my way.

Whatever comes next, I'll be ready...

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