back to Ipoh for study week

Well, it's been a while since I blog. I didn't know the right words to describe my emotion but I guess I was tired. Just finished the MLC exam yesterday and I don't think I do too well. Hopefully can pass la. Anyway, after the exam, I went around with Aaron, Pok Chizn, Soon Aik and one of Aaron's friend. I only know him as Chuah. And apparently, he is a coursemate of Kong Wei Lam, my former classmate. Unbelieveable but apparently, Wei Lam is doing well in his studies now. A good news I believe. :-)

Anyway, I had a good look at some very nice sports shoe but I ain't buying a new one...:-) Well, I wanted to look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab demo version but apparently, there is no demo version and I was kinda disappointed. You have the stocks but not the demo is it possible? 
I mean how could I buy a 2000+ phone that is 7 inch without trying it. Damn!!

Well, reached home at about 12 midnight. The stupid ETS delay was really annoying...Expensive and unreliable Train is more like it. Alright...that's a short updates for what has been going on..


  1. Oh...I guess u're lucky then. A few of my friends also complain about the ETS...


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