a come back from Manchester United

Well, if you have been following this 2010/2011 English football, you will see a season full of surprises for Manchester United and yet the team has always come out strong. 
The match against Blackpool is one of those when the Red Devils were caught sleeping initially but a display of hardwork, intelligence and teamwork brought the team the 3 points needed.
At half time when United were down 2-0, it seems the unbeaten run of the Red Devils will come to an end but then, goals from both Berbatov and Hernandez award the Red Devils the 3 points needed, with an excellent work from Ryan Giggs as well.
Well, it was only at the 88th minute that we finally see a smile on Sir Alex Ferguson's face as that seal the 3 points needed by the Red Devils to get away from the rest of the crowd in the League. Well, hopefully, the unbeaten run for Manchester United will continue, that eventually will make them equal the unbeaten run of Arsenal's "Invincible".