Clean my room, tune the guitar...

Well, manage to finally clean up my room the other day with my brother. Was feeling quite tired as well. Probably due to the hot weather but then, I think my mom did more work than me by making some cookie for CNY. I don't know what you call that in Chinese. 
Anyway, my brother and I clean up and I have finally put the collection of my new Death Note into the cabinet...(the Death Note collection is a gift from YenLeng for Christmas). 

The collection is now in the cabinet, joining with a list of other cool stuff that I like. While I was cleaning my room, I noticed this poster that I bought for quite some time ago. I think it is important...that when we lose, we do not lose the's probably easier to say it than to actually learn it.

 When you lose, do not lose the lesson!!

I also got my guitar tuned the other day. Initially, I was thinking of changing the guitar strings but according to the salesperson, it is actually good enough...I guess that's all for now...