The day begin at 4.45am...

Well, I woke up at 4.45am today and head back to KL for my classes. I couldn't really stand the whole day and ended up sleeping for the whole 2 hours for the Design and Experiment course. I tried studying just now for a while and managed to go through a few pages for the Design and Analysis of Experiments. 
Would love to study more but decided that I shouldn't push myself too hard since it's still quite early for the semester. 

There will be a one day holiday on Thursday but due to tutorial class on Friday, I could only go back on Friday after the class....a lot of my friends have been making plans for the holiday...sing K while some others suggest go other places but I think I might prefer to rest in the house and save more money.

Alright...I wanna go do some light exercise, shower and read some nice book before going to bed...tada!!