Final year, last semester

Somehow, when the date draws closer for the starting of university, I felt a bit nervous for the first time. Probably, it was due to the fact that this is gonna be the last semester that I'll be returning to UM. A bit of excitement and a bit of sadness because I believe it's also about time to say goodbye to some of the new friends that I made in KL. Nevertheless, I believe that this is how the journey of life should be and I'll learn to embrace each part and phase of my life. 

Well, I guess because it's also a new year and also the year that I'll be working, it's better to be more matured in handling emotional issues. Haha!! Anyway first week in university probably won't be too maybe should just spend some time packing and cleaning up...

Yesterday I went to watch "The Tourist" with my brother, sister and YenLeng. Love the movie lots especially the way Johnny Depp portray the character Frank Topelo who is also actually AP. Basically, as usual, Depp managed to capture your attention throughout the movie and I must give credit to Angelina Jolie as the way she acted in this movie. Brilliant!!

Today was in church and was singing some of the wonderful worship songs that I love. One of them is "How Great is Our God"...and I'm quite touched by the song because really, it's amazing to see how great is our God and the different images of Jesus that I have been seeing as I grow in this journey continue to inspire me as I grow older. Time to move on to the next chapter but for now, I'll need to pack my bag to go back to UM tomorrow!!