How active are you?

I was back to house from church and as usual, I would either take a nap or have some light reading while lying on the bed. It was then that I came across the article on "How active are you?" from Reader's Digest. Upon reading it, I realized that I am actually not as active as I thought I was and there is a lot of room for improvement. 
Here are some of the questions that you could as yourself: 

"WHAT ARE YOUR DAILY WALKING HABITS?" or maybe you could rephrase it in a way that "HOW OFTEN DO YOU WALK AROUND?" 
If you are the type of person who only walk to shower, to the car, to the eating place (mamak, restaurant, etc.), and that's it, it is important for you to reconsider your habit. There is a big likelihood that you have been lying around, sitting in front of your laptop facebooking and blogging (oops...I'm guilty as much as you are) or even spending too much time chit chatting only.

The second question that is equally important if not more important is this: 
"WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE RECREATIONAL PASTIMES?" Well, if sports is not part of it, then it is time for you to seriously consider about your pastimes activity. 

Then, the next question would be "HAVE YOU EVER LIFT WEIGHTS?" While most people probably think that lift weights is only suitable for guys, that perception might be as deceiving as those who believe that exercise is not needed to slim down if you are on diet. Anyway, that is another issue but lift weights are very good for girls in fact if it is being done in a moderate way as it helps to create a "lean look". Now you probably know why celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and others head to the gym and still maintain that sexy look. could try something more physical instead of just asking question: 
"TRY TO REACH DOWN TO TOUCH YOUR TOES WITHOUT BENDING YOUR LEG"...If you have a hard time doing that, it is probably time to do some stretching...


Although I did not do too badly in answering all these questions, I realized that I have not been able to prioritize certain things. This is probably something that needs to be addressed....

After reading the Reader's Digest, I do some light exercise in my room...for about 30 minutes and after that I only look at blogging. I tried to maintain my blogging habit but I wanted to be alive and not just another man being too obsessed with the virtual world. Hopefully, this blog post will stir you to start paying attention on the need to go for exercise!! 

Time's up...need to head to Jusco for dinner!!