Why Blackberry is special?

I got the idea for this blog post when a friend of mine tag me on her note regarding Blackberry.
If you are looking for the right smartphone, you probably want to consider Blackberry. However, you might probably wonder what is so good about BB? Why is it considered one of the best smartphone? 
Well, if you want to know why Blackberry is special, you must first know what is "Push Technology". You probably wound want to google it so that you know about Push Technology before you continue reading. 
It is what gives your Blackberry the capability to be connected to every apps all the time. And to make things even better, you will be notified if there's anything new on your facebook, twitter, email and others (such as weather, news, movies etc.) 
It provides you with the information on the go...something that is very important if you travel a lot, and all the more if travelling is required in your work.
With Blackberry u are always connected to the net using BIS, and one more thing using BIS all your data connection will be compress so that you can save the kb of data u use, to make it fast and cheap....this is very important and though there are a lot of data plan that comes cheap these days, it is important to receive the data at a faster rate. Email is an instance and though you could do the same with other smartphones, Blackberry probably is the best option.
RIM's Push Email has help make emailing look like sms. Forget about syncing...it's done in a push. 
Of course, the browsing, GPS, and other functionality is probably quite similar with other smartphones. Although BB might not be good and specialize in the touch screen market yet, it has prove itself to be on par with other giants with the launch of the Blackberry Torch. 
I guess that's all...if all of these are important to you, then Blackberry is probably the smartphone that you should get for yourself...