Chinese New Year....

Well, it's Chinese New Year and the festive season is quite good...a time to rest, meet up with people you love and spend some quality time together. Anyway, the holiday is quite short this time around with other commitments to go but I really do appreciate the break I have. 

Met up with some of my old schoolmates (I'm still waiting for the photos from Carey though) and my close buddies (Addie, Samuel, Jian Yao, LiangHin...did not take photos with them though). Although we did not do much, it's great to see that everyone is great...that while life might have its' ups and downs, we can look at the bright side of it. 

I only have some of the photos I have with my family though. 

reunion dinner

GOlD!! haha!!

preparing for supper session during CNY Eve!!

1st snapshot of my family...

2nd take!!

trying to look cool here!!

my baby!!
Well, I really did enjoyed the rest and break I a way, I felt so much older...
Anyway just wanna shared something...while I was drinking with Addie and LiangHin in Shayo, I saw someone unexpectedly....and it really did bring back some memories...but I think time has teach me to grow up and I guess the past will be the past....
Am glad that it's 2011 and am really looking forward to the days ahead...

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