Random stuff that I did yesterday...

Well, I had my lunch in Tuck Kee Restaurant yesterday with some of my family members and relatives. The food was pretty good (not excellent though)...

Was feeling quite satisfied after the lunch. The food was not bad although I must said that I hate the parking space around the area. Couldn't really find a good parking.

Since I was having cough, I did not really go out. Spent some time reading some stuff and then, I realized that I have not been jogging for a few days already. Couldn't wake up early this morning either for the jog so decided to go for a run later in the evening. 

Then, at night, we heard the sound of fireworks and it was then that I remembered there was this fireworks display near my area. I did not go out because I am feeling rather tired (must be due to the effect of the cough medicine). But then, we could see some of it from my house but couldn't really take a good photo of it. (here was when I would be cursing for not having a good camera like the one Carey has...hate her!! haha!!)

Well, part of the reason for the poor quality of the image was due to the distance...my brother took the photo from my house balcony which is quite far from where the fireworks...then of course, the camera....see, now you know why I said I need a DSLR....gosh!! the power of money...lOL!! Anyway, I will get to play with Carey's camera tonight...lalala!!

I guess this is it for now...I'm feeling sleepy again...must be the cough medicine!! hate hate hate!!

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