Windows Phone 7 Mango update

Well, Windows Phone 7 Mango update promises a lot especially since Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer mentioned that there will be 500 new features with the Mango update.

Well, the Mango update will make the smartphone smarter and easier for usage. (This is exactly the same direction as the iPhone and if I may say, Microsoft is definitely heading the right direction although they might be a little too late)


Anyway even though Microsoft claimed that there will be 500 additional features, the company only highlight 3 of the new areas of improvement:

  • Easier to Connect and Share
  • A Smarter Approach to Apps
  • Web that Goes Beyond the Browser

Easier to Connect and Share
First of all, as we all know, Windows Phone 7 is deeply integrated with the social network such as Facebook and Windows Live. Now, LinkedIn has also joined in the fray as part of the social network integrated on the phone. So, now you can buzz with your mates as well as your work buddies, in the People Hub. As it is one of the Windows Phone 7 key points that differentiate from its' competitor, Microsoft focus on it in such a way that you could connect in Threads now...this is where FB chat, Windows Live Messenger and sms comes together. You could choose to either chat using text messages, Facebook, or Messenger. Besides that, you could also create groups where you could easily put in your favourites, your enemies, and etc. Updates of status and photos could also be seen easily in the People Hub. The integration of this has been the strength of Windows Phone 7 even from the launch and now with FB chat, it becomes even more interesting.

Then, there is a Smarter Approach to Apps...(something that I quite agree with Microsoft). First of all, the ability to multitask...(finally...this should be in from the first day of launching for WP7...anyway at least they are on the right track). Now, Microsoft even make sure that the ability to switch between apps are faster than iPhone. In iPhone, you'll need to double tap and switch between for the Windows Phone 7, all you need to do is press and hold the back button and you could switch between apps.
Microsoft also focus on improving the LiveTiles. This is definitely at the right direction since LiveTiles have also been the WindowsPhone 7 strength. However, the LiveTiles have a lot of improvement where you could see live updates on the apps that you put on your home screen.

Last but not least, it is the Web Browsing experience. Microsoft boast of the web browsing as one that is blazing fast. The Internet Explorer 9 is integrated onto the Windows Phone 7 as the default web browsing and as shown in the video below, the speed reading for Windows Phone 7 is at 30fps(frame per second). Obviously, this is the ideal phone for speed readers...the Torch is only at 5fps, Android at about 10 and it seems the iPhone could not even catch up with it.
The Local Scout is also one hell of a cool stuff. It provides a hyper local search results and recommend nearby restaurants, activities, and others. Not only that, when you use the BingMap, it is even better than the Google Map....BingMap has the capability of viewing the indoor maps as well.

Another cool feature is the Bing is something similar to the Google Goggles but it works even more effective. Bing Vision could only search for text and barcodes. However, it is also because of this that the search result is blazing fast and from there, you could easily purchase books and find information using apps. The ability to integrate apps with search is also something that makes it stands above the iOS, Android and RIM.

I guess that's all for now. There are definitely more from Mango update...they have the Office that is extremely useful for the business user, the SkyDrive, XBox for gamers and maybe even more...Honestly, I'm excited about it and all the more so given that the Mango update is probably going to be the OS for the upcoming Nokia smartphone. Let's hope that Microsoft pull a great one this time and impress us once again after so long...