A bad day, a good lesson and a renewed passion

I am always curious and wonder why some people who are selfish and plain evil managed to get away and live a good life. "Where is justice?" and that thought become even more when I lost my iPad 2, my bag, my netbook, my keyboard...basically everything that I love dearly. The feeling is unbearable and at times, I question everything that happened. 

Can things really be so bad? I wonder what wrong I did that caused all that....I guess there shouldn't be any excuse. I need to take the blame for my part, for not remembering the bag in the car. At times, I just hope the good that I did is enough to cover all these shits but I guess Karma doesn't work that way...
In fact, justice is not suppose to this way. It doesn't mean if you do good, you'll be treated good...it doesn't mean you work hard, then you'll be successful. 

This is how my friend's car looked like: 

And from here, the thief took my bag....total loss of about RM4000. 

The loss is awful but somehow it reminded me of a quotation I read just this morning....Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. It just reminded me of how small our mindset can really be...that at the end of the day, most of us focus on "ME". There is really nothing wrong with that thought but as I fought harder to see, I can really see that there are so many other shits in life that worth crying for. What is an iPad missing compared to those not having any food on their table??

Honestly, it is pretty difficult to see a world of change and difference when I had to go through some of these shits, after working until so tired. Yet I knew I must learn...that despite the tough journey and hard times that hit me, there are many more out there who are going through worse scenario. 

Can I see change? I don't know but I believe it must start with me. 
I need to stop looking for excuses and start making a difference. And it requires more than just doing good, but doing good in an excellent way. 

I still remembered a good friend of mine once told me that my greatness strength lies within that heart....I believe it is also my greatest weakness but I know that deep down inside, I wanted more...needed more...and it start making sense to me when I talk about justice. 

Anyway, really wanted to say thank you to Alicia Keh...and sorry as well....

I believe where bad things happened, an important meaning and lesson is there....an amazing experience shared with friends who do care....and of course,  a renewed passion when one started to ponder and look at life beyond a mere existence.