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Honestly, I love using some of Microsoft's products. At times, I wonder if Microsoft could team up with the designer team from Apple or will that improve Microsoft and pull itself away from its' competitor. 

Anyway, in the past, we talked about yahoo and hotmail...that was before Gmail. When Google Mail comes around, we are talking about Gmail all the time. Somehow for some reason, the Google Mail is more convenient and more user friendly. Most of us couldn't really tell...the space is also more than sufficient....which is one of the + points in comparison to hotmail back in those days. But lately, I've been using a new one, called "outlook". I get to change my email address from hotmail to a new email address.

Interesting enough, any emails that go to the hotmail could still be read from the outlook now. 

First of all, I must said that the user interface has improved so much and it is better looking than Google...hmmm...I'm sure Google is listening as I post this.


Google Mail

The welcome screen is looking pretty on both email platform.

Check out the interface on the home of both of the email platforms:




I think it is difficult to judge which one are more user friendly but I prefer the outlook platform. Of course, since I have been using a lot of Google products, Gmail has become an essential part of my life. I suppose that Microsoft could take the similar approach to boost the usage in Outlook. 

Anyway, the other day, I realized that I have allow the emails from my Gmail to sync into my Outlook as well. This could solve the problem and avoid the need to tell peop