Hangout with colleagues

So, what happened after work? 

Most people who are in Kuala Lumpur will either be meeting up with friends to drink or hang out with their other halves. At times, being alone in Kuala Lumpur could be quite boring. 

Anyway, last Thursday, we decided to go for a wine session. (we as in myself, Yong and Stephen Hor). 

Yong Kok Hoe, 

Stephen and I
We had a good time drinking and talking bout work, lives and random stuff. The good things about hanging out with guys are that we can talk about a lot of things without being accused of being impolite, non-gentleman etc. 

After that, we went for snooker.

I was really suck at it but anyway, I think it's good to pick up some of these activities. 

Check out the two "sifus". 

I guess it helped one to really relax after a day of work. Probably will be looking for more activities like badminton, futsal (if possible). and others.