Walk around in Tropicana City Mall

I was feeling rather bored and decided to go for a walk in Tropicana City Mall with Tom in the afternoon after my Brunch session with Annie. 

Our first stop is the Bytes. This shop sells a lot of Apple products and accessories.


Honestly, I think this was pretty cool. After checking it out on the store, I decided to google for the video as well. Damn cool. It is basically a ball that you can play with, like golf. You may control the movement using the iphone or the iPad..I think I'll probably blog more about this on a separate post. 

iBaby monitor

When I saw this, I remember my friends who have just been parents...time to make use of technology and your smartphone....cool!! 

Tom checking out the iPod

This is so damn cool. When I saw this, I nearly decided to splash the cash...RM3,999 but come on....I am not that impulsive after all...

After that, we head to Borders....inside Borders, there is this separate shop that sells a lot of accessories and stereo like items. Then, I came across this awesome stuff.

Now, you can control your electrical devices at home using your iPhone. It only cost about RM500. For those who already own a home, please get one for yourself.

Cool stuff...RM100

Another one...also RM100

Tom and I were joking about how everything almost cost about at least RM100....how are we going to survive with our salary? I wonder...

Interested Sports camera? Try this...RM400
Finally, we found something that cost less than RM100 and RM50. And Tom made his purchase of the day. Some audio cable...which allow me to enjoy the beautiful music at this point of time while blogging here.

I guess I was really bored...decided to go and check out some of the Lego store here...

How I wish I could buy one of these....anyway, I'll work on it...maybe slower but somehow, I can be there...

While on the way, I saw the OVERRATED smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4. 

One thing for sure, the price is pretty low after taking the Umobile package. Anyone interested? 

Check out one of the game stores....saw this new game: INJUSTICE

And before we left, we saw this....pretty cute Robot. Makes me wonder what will happen in the next 20 years....a futuristic shopping mall is starting to form in my head....gosh! By then, I'll be too old to enjoy but then that's another story.

I guess that sums up my Sunday journey in Tropicana City mall. After that, we went for economy rice in PJ. Upnext: the football game....Arsenal vs Manchester United....woohoo...are you excited?