Malaysia General Election 13 Update

If you have go for vote this morning, you will probably be as exciting as I am.


As at the moment, the score line is at 0-0. According to some of the news, apparently, there are 80% of voters turn up, the highest in the history of our country.

Rumours have it that Lim Kit Siang won big time in Gelang Patah.

Anyway, will be updating it as more information surface.

Are you excited? I am but for now, it's time to grab my dinner before waiting for the results.


Latest update from friends from Penang: Lim Guan Eng win...
Apparently in Galang Petah, the count is still ongoing and BN is having a big lead now.
Malaysiakini updates that Seratok, Sarawak, the first parliamentary win for Pakatan Rakyat.


BN takes the lead in Putrajaya...